FREE READING 1st March 2016 March 01 2016

It is March already! Spring is on the way! What will the new season hold for you?

Relax, look at the three cards and choose the one which you are drawn to the most. Add your choice to the comments, so you can’t change your mind and then click the link to receive your guidance.


If you chose CARD ONE

If you can find balance in your life you will become invigorated. The balance you are seeking lies within. Look at your diet, how much exercise you take, and your water consumption first and then start working on your emotional balance. A ten minute meditation daily will help you greatly and a walk in the woods or the park each day will inspire and enlighten you. If you take these small steps and change your lifestyle a little you will bloom in the Summer, it is up to you!

If you chose CARD TWO

How long have you been walking around on eggshells around a certain person? Pretending one thing and yet feeling another. There is of course a need to be diplomatic at times, to keep the peace but in time this will become a strain. Try and sit and decide what matters the most to you and what you fear losing the most. What you really want is still available, but it hangs by a thread. Choose soon, will it be what you want or what you feel you should do? Once you have decided either let go or your dream and embrace what you have or follow your heart.

If you chose CARD THREE

Finally, you are in a position to free yourself from circumstances in your life which are not really suiting you anymore. You will face some criticism, but the lighthearted feeling that your freedom brings will allow you to breeze through any flack with flies your way. It is time to be you again! You will receive some good news in the coming weeks and a family celebration will be better fun than you expect. Look for the signs of Spring and smile.