Free Reading! February 23 2016

It is a time of new beginnings, many of you will have cleared your lives of some emotional baggage and are now ready for a new adventure to begin: Here are six cards, study the picture and choose one card from the top row and one from the bottom row. The card will reveal what you are currently experiencing and what is to come.

Please add your choice of card to the post, in the format 1b or 3a etc and then click the link to see your guidance.

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If you chose Card 1

You have been resisting a change in your life, perhaps you find comfort in the familiar even though the situation you are in may be counterproductive or in some cases destructive. Change is a natural part of life, we are changing all the time, learning, growing older, embracing change will ensure that it works for you. Hiding your head in the sand is not an option, change will happen anyway.

If you chose Card 2

Loneliness is not a very pleasant experience, but there is a clear difference between being lonely and being alone. If you are alone then you are probably quite happy and have learned to enjoy having the freedom to choose what you do and who you do it with, but loneliness is more an isolation. If you chose this card then you have been feeling a bit lost, left behind perhaps. Try to see the positives independence brings, once embraced it can change your life.

If you chose Card 3

In choosing this card you are ready to begin a new chapter in your life. You have all the gifts, abilities and talents you need to begin again in your chosen area. Nothing should stop in your way, but as you have the power of creation with you do remember that you will create the overwhelming thought which recurs often. Thoughts of failure, or ridicule, or losing may have been holding you back but do not dwell on them, think only of success and you will see you will make the right choice.



If you chose Card a

You will learn the value of giving and taking, in all connections with other people a certain level of exchange is needed. You have been generous lately, expect a return for this, probably not from the person who you have aided but it will be a lovely surprise, remember to give your gratitude warmly, it is an exchange as well!

If you Chose Card b

You are still being challenged, when will it end?! The answer to that is up to you, it is likely that you have been feeling walked over, like your opinion means nothing or in some cases that you are so unsure of yourself that you do not feel entitled to have your own views. Time to stop, look at yourself with fresh eyes, restore your self-belief and start controlling the situation, if you cannot get what you want then walk away and start again. Be tough with yourself, you will be liberated.

If you chose Card c

Lady luck is on your side. You have let go of so much negativity and the void that this has left in your life has now been filled with good fortune. This is wonderful, you will be in the right place at the right time, you will see openings where others do not, you will be a winner and things could not be better. Try and use this phase to create long term security in your life, you are free and you are a not a victim. Enjoy yourself.