Free Reading 26th January 2016 January 26 2016

Relax, look at the cards, chose the one which you are most drawn to and add your choice to the comments. Click the link to reveal your card's message. 


If you chose Card 1

You need to restore the balance in your life, perhaps you have recently experienced a life changing event such as the birth of a child or the breakdown of a relationship or maybe you simply have been working too hard and not getting enough time to be yourself but if you have chosen card one then it is time to settle, rest and restore yourself. Look at your diet and try and get out in the fresh air it will work wonders.

If you chose Card 2

If you chose this card then financial security will be something very important to you at the moment, perhaps finances are tight or you feel threatened by changes in your workplace. Do not worry there is some money on its way to you, this will see you through whilst you plan for the future. This will be a lucky time for some of you especially in games of chance.

If you chose Card 3

A message is coming your way which will shed light on a matter which may have been bothering you. This message will come suddenly and will unexpectedly make you see what is happening and what you have been failing to see. You will have a close friend who seems to be a little distant at the moment, perhaps you should say if you would like to be closer again.