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Relax, look at the three cards in the photograph. Choose the on that you are most drawn to and add the number of the card to the comments below. Click the link and read your message.

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If you chose card one

You will be feeling fraught with challenges at the moment; it is like everything and everyone is against you. But, the truth is that you have been distracted and things have spiraled out of your control. You may find someone has been causing you issues also, if so then you need to take action straight away.

If you chose Card Two

You will be pensive, thoughtful. You will not be thinking of daily issues but you will be looking deeper into matters which are deeper more meaningful. Taking this time to look within will allow you an opportunity to get to know yourself better; your goals and aspirations and most importantly your beliefs.

If you chose Card Three

Have you created an illusion around yourself which now is starting to show cracks? It is not a deception but simply behaving in a way which you would like to all the time but you can’t. If so then don’t worry, tell the truth and it will be accepted and you can continue forward with your friends still with you. If you chose this card your message is one of Truth, you will not be rejected.