FREE READING 30th November 2015 November 30 2015

Relax and stare at the three cards in the picture. Chose the one you are most drawn to and add the number of your selection to the comments on the post. Click the link to read you message about the coming days.

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If you chose Card 1

You may feel on edge, as if you are waiting for something to happen or maybe for something to go wrong. You are right to be alert to all possibilities but try not to become anxious; things will happen when the time is right. If you anticipate something but are not sure what it is then be happy it will not be long coming.

If you chose card 2

You are passing through inspiring time, all things creative will flourish and any plans already actioned will start to bear fruits. Be prepared to be flexible, timings may change and things may happen quickly or unexpectedly, but they will happen and this will bring you great joy.

If you chose Card 3

You may be feeling like the peacemaker at the moment, walking on eggshells or toeing the line in a work situation. Stick to the rules at the moment, cutting corners will have repercussions in the New Year. This phase will pass, but at the moment tread carefully.