FREE READING - 23rd November 2015 November 23 2015

Relax, look at the three cards in the photo and choose the one you are drawn to. Add your choice in the comments on this post then click the link to reveal your message for this week.


If you chose card one

You will be very generous in the coming days, giving of your time and your experience to others. This is a gift, a chance to share what you know and help another person, see it as this and give willingly without expecting anything in return. The universe will be watching and your rewards will come in time. The act of giving will bring you great pleasure; enjoy it.

If you chose Card 2

You may be feeling under the weather, down or anxious for the next few days. You will feel off balance and not quite right for a bit longer than that. Take some time, review what is wrong in your life that has made you feel this way and then make a move to correct things. Your illness will pass but there is something else which you need to address, take the time to do so.

If you chose Card 3

Your message is about your spirituality, how far have you explored your beliefs, what have you tried for yourself? There are many religions and faiths available have you found the one which is right for you? In the next few days you will have a revelation, a psychic experience or you could possibly find a teacher whose words mean a lot to you. This will enhance your life greatly, stay open and accepting.