The Umbrella Spell for Financial Abundance November 18 2015

The Power of Umbrella Magick

For centuries Witches in Great Britain have used things from around the home for ritual magick. Pentagrams would be shaped from candle wax and kitchen knives used rather than a ritualistic athame. The reason for this is twofold; Firstly, if your home was raided there would be nothing of magical significance to be found and secondly it keeps down the cost and availability. Although times have changed this practice is still continued in modern magick as it is intent which really matters not the value of your equipment or ingredients. Here is a modern spell using an Umbrella which if you are British you will have at least one of in your home and maybe one in your car and sometimes an emergency one in your handbag! This is modern magick, it is very powerful and high energy cast, full of joy and smile it is supposed to be fun!

Umbrella Magick for Financial Abundance

This is a simple ritual:

Open your umbrella upside down in your house, this prevents bad luck.

Throw into the inverted canopy:

Handfuls of: Raw Grains, Crushed bay leaves and Some Cedar Chips

Spin the Umbrella clockwise using the handle Chanting

“Money, money be mine”.

Then snap it closed. Take the Umbrella outside and open it above your head so the contents fall on you.

It is that simple!