FREE Reading 6th October 2015 October 06 2015


This FREE reading will look at what you are experiencing at the moment and what to expect next! 

Relax, look at the picture, select the card that you are drawn to and add your choice to the comments, then click the link to see your reading.

If you would like an in-depth live reading with me the on-line reading is reduce to a third of the normal price click here.

If you chose card 1

A new beginning is coming for you, this will be connected with your work, career or finances and it will make you very pleased. It could be a new job, a promotion or perhaps a change of hours which you have asked for. This opportunity should be taken, it will make things much easier for you. It also is time to trust in a situation which you are involved in, if you do then things will grow quickly and your life will improve.

If you chose Card 2

A message is coming which will open doors for you. You have hoped for this but perhaps you thought this news was never coming. This message is related to a work situation or a health matter and you will welcome it. It is highly likely that you will make a trip overseas in the next three months, if you get this chance take it, it may seem scary but it will secure your future. Self-belief and confidence is returning and for many of you this has been lacking for a year or more.

If you chose card 3

You may feel disappointed, you will have been let down or failed to achieve what you felt should have been yours. You maybe are wishing that you could change the past, you will be thinking if only you could live it again and make different choices. You cannot change the past and there is no point in crying over spilt milk. It is time for you to change your perspective, to see that some losses can be turned into strengths. Look to the future with fresh eyes.