FREE READING October 02 2015

Relax, gaze at the cards and choose the card that you are drawn to. Add you choice to the comments then read the message for you.


If you chose Card 1

If you chose this card then you will be feeling like life is against you, each time you pick yourself up and start to make progress you will feel as if you are being knocked back. But. take heart, when you reach the bottom the only way is up! Finding the right pathway forward will enable you to make great headway in restoring your happiness and well-being. Look within find out what it is that you really want out of life and then make a plan to have it.

If you chose Card 2

It is time to leave the past behind you. A great new event is going to happen soon which will begin a new chapter in your life, a chapter with a totally different story line. The people who are with you will remain with you but your own part in the drama of life will change, it will become enhanced and the gift which brings this transition will be yours for ever. Things are changing hold on to those dear to you as they will help you greatly.

If you chose Card 3

If you chose this card then you have the potential to make a wish come true in your life. If you have been wishing that you could have something or do something then you will soon have the chance to make it happen, but you will have to be vigilant this opportunity will not land on your lap you will have to see the chance and take action to get what you want. If you do this then everything will fit nicely together for you.