The New Energy and You September 29 2015


Last weekend’s Blood Moon heralds changes in our world; it was the moon of the prophesies but does it mark the start of the end days or the New Golden Age which was foretold by the Mayans. How this moon’s energy has affected you will also depend on how you have accepted the energy. If you stood outside and watched the Lunar Eclipse, prayed or meditated whist it was happening then you will be feeling better than you have done in many months and this feeling of well-being will continue to grow. If you already follow a spiritual path then you will have received knowledge, abilities and new energies to work with. Conversely, if you are not feeling better following the moon then there is still time to turn things around.

If you accepted the new energy with love and faith then you will be feeling:



You will have heightened awareness

Clearer intuition

Vivid Dreams

Sense of Well Being

Heighten spiritual knowledge

You may become tired quicker than normal for a few weeks 

These gifts may be introduced to you in stages through the next few weeks when you are ready to accept them.

However, if you are struggling with the new energy then you could be feeling:



Accident prone


On edge


But, do not worry you can raise your vibration and accept the changes which are there for you. Begin to find your faith again, this maybe in orthodox religion or your own unique beliefs. Start practicing meditation or prayer on a regular basis and begin to believe and you will see your life change for the better quickly.