TheAutumn Equinox, Manannan Mac Lir, the Lord of Man September 22 2015

The Autumn Equinox is the day dedicated in Celtic tradition to Mananan Mac Lir, the First King of Man; Mananan was the son of Lir The Irish God of the Sea, a position which Manannan inherited. He made his home on the enchanted Isle of Man. Barrule a rugged hill in the centre of the Island was his strong hold and he held court at Cronk-Y-Voddey in Mannanan’s chair. Manannan was King of Man, Lord of the Sea and he was married to the Fairy Queen Fand, they had three sons and three daughters, and also a foster son Lugh, the Great Warrior.

Manannan had many magical possessions and was also known as the king of illusion and magic and Lord of the Underworld. One of his possessions was a Magical cloak, this cloak could change colour, and when Manannan was angry he would flap his cloak and the Island would shake from the thunderous noise it made. Manannan also used his cloak to shield the Island in Mist to hide and protect his land.

Manannan still lowers his cloak and shrouds the Island when it is under threat or when a member of the English monarchy visits, the mist is thick and the Island sits in a bank of fog which obliterates it from sight and cuts of transport links until the threat has passed.

Spells cast on the Equinox, by a Manx person on Manannan’s Isle have added power, the God of the Sea blesses his homeland and the fairies dance in celebration on this magical day.

Many spells are available but, especially for this special day, the combination of five spells is highly recommended: Please click the link to read more.…/mabon-combination-spell