Do You Know What Holds You Back? September 12 2015

Everyone has bad experiences in life, heartache, loss, failures or  have suffered from the actions of others which have scarred deeply. September's Solar Eclipse and New Moon offers you a chance to let go of this restricting energy and become free to live and finally heal. 

Relax, choose a card, add your choice to this post and the read to see what you need to release this weekend so you can be liberated. If you would like help with this process please click here

If you chose Card 1;

Every one of us suffers heart ache and loss in our lives it is part of the journey but it is likely that a loss you have suffered still has a hold on you, it still controls you from the far reaches of your mind and the inability to find forgiveness allows a bitterness to taint the taste of every new experience that life offers you. Your inability to let go of this pain keeps creating failure for you in either relationships or your career choices. If you feel like everything goes wrong or that life is against you then locate your anger in your mind, seek out the cause, relive the experience and find forgiveness and gratitude that you are now stronger and more positive. Let go of the bitterness and life will begin to flow.

If you chose Card 2

You will have lost your sense of adventure. It is very likely that life has dealt you some hard knocks and that this has left you doubting yourself and your decisions either in the past or ones which you make now. There is a bright new horizon calling to you, someone reaches out their hand to you and asks you to take a chance but you hesitate, shackled by the chains of the past you turn away from what is real for you here and now. Filled with  thoughts such as what if I am not good enough, or what if I am a disappointment makes you feel compelled to leave things as they are, but life is a constantly moving energy and in order to really live you must take a chance. Free yourself of the doubt, take the hand which is held out to you and what happens next will surpass your wildest imaginings.

If you chose Card 3

Life is full of many illusions some of which we create ourselves. Right now you live under the illusion that you are not worthy of success or money, that you have limits on how much you are worth and what level of employment or success in business you deserve. These limitation restrict you more than you know and it is time for you to release them and start living and earning to your full potential. Try and locate the memory which began this trend, were you brought up to respect and protect money or was it seen as something other people have and not for the likes of you? Or do you see poverty as your lot in life as it was your parents? Find the source and let it go. Once you have you will see a change overnight.