Free Reading August 20 2015

Relax, look at the three cards select the card which you are drawn to and then read on to see its message for you.




Card 1

Are your expectations of yourself too high, have you set yourself a task which you are now struggling to complete? This will probably be making you feel a bit useless, shaking your self-belief and your confidence. Try stopping for a moment and remembering why you started on your current path, what you wanted to achieve, once you have then begin to make a plan proceed with achievable small goals, one step at a time not everything at once and then your end result will be attainable.

Card 2

It is time to follow your heart, lately you have probably been too logical, analysing everything, allowing your mind to take the lead, if so then you will miss out on something which has much to offer you. You may be more comfortable relying on logic but have you not learned that sometimes your heart knows best? Trust your heart let your mind make monkeys with another issue which is not so important.

Card 3

Time to go with the flow! You are fighting against the tide, you will soon become swamped if you continue. Relax a little, be more laid back particularly with yourself and the person who means a lot to you as this will make your life flow freely. You are tense at the moment and this is projecting to all around you, not everyone is tolerant of this moodiness and that may become your loss. Act quickly and you will be amazed at the result.