Three Cards: What does your future hold? July 16 2015


Relax, look at the picture, allow your intuition to guide you choose a card then click the link to read your future. 


Card one

What lies at the foot of your rainbow? Pots of gold take many shapes and forms, for you the pot of gold that you will find is love, companionship, family, but most of all the end of a struggle alone This is priceless, many people take these things for granted but for you the prospect of what is coming to your life will lift your spirits and make you full of hope. Do not let worries or insecurities spoil this time, it is happening and it will last. A gift is on its way to you how exciting.  

Card two

Make a plan, you are about to have an opportunity to create the life you would love to live, but if you have no plan then you will miss this chance. Sit down and think, what do you love, what motivates you beyond all other things? That is the thing that you should aim for. Probably you will be saying but that will not pay the bills but as the American author Marsha Sinetar said; “ Do what you love and the money will follow.” Develop faith and trust and a good plan.

Card three

You will find that as this this year progresses that you will be able to get whatever you would like to have, if you chose this card then you will know what you want and you will also know deep within you that it will really happen. Dream big, fly high and you will not be disappointed. Should you find that at the moment your life is a bit glum and dark then be uplifted things are about to change rapidly. Be alert to all possibilities.