Three Cards for June June 10 2015

Relax, look at the three cards which one are you drawn too? Write your choice as a comment and then click the photo to read what to expect for the rest of June.



If you chose:

Card 1

Overcoming fears is one of the greatest challenges we all face, where do the fears come from? What has made you terrified of flying, spiders or snakes? Can you remember who or what caused you to have an irrational fear. Other people deal with these situations as part of normal life but for some people even visiting the supermarket is threatening. During the next three weeks you will face a fear and overcome it, what an exhilarating feeling, you will be freed!

Card 2

"Oh,What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive". This famous quote taken from Marmion, a poem by Walter Scott is totally apt for you in the coming weeks. But, who is deceiving who? Only you will know that, but should you be the deceiver be warned you will be found out. If you are squeaky clean at the moment then be warned, someone you know is not so honest and their deception will be revealed very soon. 

Card 3

Do you ever ponder your life so far? You have achieved so much, met so many people, been to many places and dealt with many issues both good and bad. So, why now do you feel like you have little going for you. Look at all you have, your home and your family, your many possessions;the list will go on and on. This change of perspective will change your future for the better. As you stand at a crossroads at the moment then making a choice will be easier when you are thinking clearly, be proactive with your thoughts and see your life improve.