The Truth is in the Stars May 18 2015

When you stare up at the night sky and see thousands of sparkling stars what do you think? Are they flaming balls of gas which are trillions of miles away whose light has taken centuries to reach us or are they the souls of our ancestors in distant realms, providing comfort to those who believe.

For centuries the people of the Earth believed that the stars in the sky were the heavens, that the link between heaven and earth meant a trip through space and time when we left our mortal form. Science and modern living has made that theory seem nonsensical, but when you need guidance where do you look? Do your eyes raise to the heavens and do you not wish upon a falling star? When you think of God do you not visualize him riding through the skies above the clouds? For a moment detach from the scientific theories, modern technological life and consider… what if we really are looking up at the heavens? In the still of the night when the sky is clear and you are away from greatly populated areas with high light emissions you can connect with the other realms by simply looking up to the night sky, the pure black canvas which casts no shadows, the beams of lights like polka dots in the sky and allow yourself to believe. Your loved ones who have passed are there, in that sky, perhaps one of those stars holds the answers to life and death for you. The new moon gives you the chance to see the darkness as it truly is, and perhaps you can see life for what it is too if you allow yourself to believe. The blackness of the night holds magic, the doorway to the other realms and the secrets of life. Step out of the artificial light of your mortal world and feel the warm embrace of the Universe.