The New Moon in Taurus and you May 17 2015

Tonight/Tomorrows new moon is in Taurus, this moon is a practical moon. Taurus is a very Earthly sign and this moon is a grounding moon. It is a time for a reality check for us all. A lot of people are going through difficult times at the moment and this moon encourages you to think about yourself, see sleep as important not only for the body but also for your spiritual practices as sleep is when you connect with the other realms and your dreams right now may be full of guidance and messages. Connecting to the Earth by walking and meditating outdoors will also help you and if you are suffering aches and pains in your joints Pilates, Yoga or simple stretching in the morning will bring relief. If you are beginning a relationship right now then it may move very slowly until September whilst Venus does a strange dance in cosmic time. Shortly Mercury will be in retrograde again, so putting finances in order now will save you stress later on this month and any communications that are urgent should be dealt with soon to prevent delays in communication.

Spells cast at this time for health, energy, your home and the Earth are all recommended tonight and tomorrow night. Also attending to your own fitness and weight issues through careful, healthy eating and gentle exercise will show great results if they are started tomorrow.

This particular moon phase may be making you feel weary, tired and actually older than you are! Use the moon’s energy to create a new you with your feet firmly on the ground and your budgets in order!  

To aid your connection will the Earth and to allow the power of this special moon to flow; collect a stone preferably from outside your house and place it by your bedside. On retiring for the night speak to the stone, tell it your concerns and fears. Speaking out loud will allow you to see your fears for what they are and the moon will aid you to overcome your issues and you will flourish in the days to come.