How your past affects you today! May 05 2015

Past life regressions can be awe-inspiring, eye-opening and sometimes hard to bear but never pointless. Over the last few decades I have performed hundreds of past life readings and hypnotherapy regressions, each producing a different result but each with a valuable lesson for the person who has chosen to find out more.

I have been regressed successfully twice, in the first session I learned I was a Puritanical Minister in the 1650’s. I had emigrated and lived and worked in a small village in the New England area of the United States. This life appeared to be rocked with scandal and ended with me being hanged, my wife sitting at my feet weeping for the loss of her husband and because she would be cast out of society with no hope of a future even though she was innocent of any wrong doings. The second regression was not as exciting, I was a Dutch woman, living and working in the family’s mill but again I had a secret! I was taking food to a tramp who hid in the recesses behind the walls of the mill. Aged around 19 I married an older, wealthy businessman and we moved into a fine town house in Amsterdam. My life was then easy, I had servants and nannies for the children and I lived to be extremely old The old man in the walls of the mill probably perished but I can honestly say that during this regression I had no concern for him; he seemed to hold me prisoner and marriage set me free! I have never had an inclination to travel to Holland or that part of America but the Dutch experience explained to me why I found the house I live in now immediately comfortable as it has many small doors into the loft space very similar to the ones in the mill and yet I am sometimes uncomfortable about what lies behind them! Sometimes, it is the mundane lives which hold the power over the present!

I have had another client who when regressed spoke fluent French; he had been a circus performer, an acrobat. His life was amazing to hear but it was love that destroyed him not falling from his trapeze!

What about you and your past lives? Do you wonder who and what you have been? Do you keep repeating patterns or do you feel you do not deserve the life that you are living? The answers will lie in the past. But, the best thing which comes from learning about your past lives is the knowledge that you are an eternal being and this awakening will give you a new perspective to living now!

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