Easter Monday reveal! April 06 2015

Have you chosen a card from the three posted on Facebook? If so here is the reveal. If you like my readings then you will be interested in a reduced price  on- line reading. Just 9 available so be quick!


Card one


If you chose this card then you are being urged to open your eyes to everything going on around you at home and at work. Be ready for action, if you are vigilant you will spot something going on which you have been missing! Will you rise to this challenge and highlight the thing which is disrupting your life? Time to take the blinkers of and use logic and reason.


Card Two


This week may see you quarrelling over nothing and feeling under pressure from your peers. Being hassled by other people and constantly defending yourself can be draining. But, why is this happening? Perhaps it is not, it may be your state of mind which is making you feel paranoid, if so take some time out and restore your natural balance.


Card Three


If you chose this card then you will have a wish come true in the next three weeks. Think about what you have been wanting to happen, what your heart is desiring and then feel happy and confident that you will be making a big leap in that direction very soon. Try enjoying the simple pleasures in life.