Ostara; The Spring Fetival of Balance, Fertility and Rebirth Three card reveal March 20 2015

Today 20th March is the Festival of Ostara; the Spring Equinox and the Super Moon Solar Eclipse. What a magical day! But, what area of your life is unbalanced? What is holding you back from beginning or restarting a project or relationship? The reveal of these three cards should shed some light on your own circumstances. 

If you chose:

Card 1 

You are being held back by indecision. You know that you have a new pathway opening out in front of you but perhaps right at this moment you are unsure what it is. All this hinges on choices which you are delaying making; once you have decided upon a course of action then you will find everything falls into place for you. The thing which is holding you back is yourself. 

Card 2 

The reason for imbalance in your life is connected to your romantic life. You may be in a failing marriage, or perhaps feeling unrequited love or in some cases you may be involved in a relationship with someone still attached to another or maybe you are the one attached. You need to look at your love life, is it serving you? If not choose to start again, either with your current partner or a new suitor and balance will return.

Card 3

Your problem area is your work, career or business. It is time for a fresh start or at least a change of perspective! Your balance is wrong and when you are not enjoying your job or not making a profit in business this can be difficult to correct.  But, a change is coming will you control the change or be swept along with the tide?

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