Here Are the Three Cards Revealed! February 14 2015

Here is the reveal of the three cards which are in the photo post on Facebook. The 18th February is a very special New Moon, it is a black moon and a Super Moon. The lunar influence of this New Moon is one of New energy. The card you chose will reveal the new energy coming around you and will give you an indication of how to use this energy to your best advantage.You may like to consider an energy reading or a guide reading to help you utilize this chance to improve your life, both are on offer, click all products to read more.The guide reading comes with a Free New Moon Spell to help you create a new beginning in your life.  

Card 1

If you chose Card 1 then you are about to move from choppy waters to smooth; a move is about to happen for you. This move may be physical or spiritual but whichever one it is for you a new space will open for you which will change your life. The new energy that you are moving into is one of accepting that change can be good! Embrace any opportunities to relocate your work or your home and if you have the chance to travel put aside any fears and go for it.


Card 2

If you chose card 2 you will be suffering from anxiety, you are too worried about a situation and this is preventing you from seeing things as they truly are. Fear is blocking you and until you cease worrying you will not be able to see the root cause of your issue. Once you can take a step back then you will be able to see what is really wrong and then the solution will present itself. Letting go of fear takes faith and the new energy around you is one of self belief.   


Card 3

If you chose card 3 then you are entering into a period of change. You will have become bored with life or frustrated with your work and you know that change is needed; but how to make this change escapes you and you add to your frustration because you cannot see a way forward. All the answers are already within you and if you could still your mind you would eventually find the clarity you need. Your new energy to work with is one of self development.