Friday 13th, Superstition or myth? February 12 2015

Friday 13th Superstition or Myth?

Since the 18th century, Friday 13th has been classed as an unlucky day. Many believe it is not a day to travel as accidents are likely or that misfortune will hit you from anywhere on this day. In fact many people have such a fear of the day that they remain at home and are almost paralysed with fear. But when did Friday 13th become such a jinxed day? The crucifixion took place on a Friday which followed the last supper the night before at which 13 people sat around the table, the 13th being Judas. There is also a Last Supper in Nordic Mythology at which 13 people also sat down for dinner; from this feast the superstition of 13 for dinner would lead to the untimely death of one guest popularised in modern times by Agatha Christie in her novel ; Lord Edgeware Dies.

The date Friday 13th is also linked to the Knights Templar, this being the date in October 1307 when hundreds of Templar Knights were arrested in France.

Twelve is the number of completion and in Magical terms thirteen is one more than is needed, twelve months, twelve hours on a clock face, twelve items in a dozen, the list goes on; including twelve full moons every year, with exception of every third year when there are thirteen, a blue moon, certainly not unlucky.

In Spanish and Greek speaking cultures Tuesday is the unlucky day and Tuesday 13th is a bad day for everything.

Will Friday 13th be unlucky for you, that depends on your perspective, if you believe it to be a bad day then it will be, think of it as another day then it will be fine! But, I would be wary of moving house on a Friday, 13th or not!!!