Does your Guide have a message for you? CARD REVEAL! January 14 2015

I have been doing many gatekeeper and guide readings recently and also guides are coming through to speak to my clients when I  am doing on line readings. This influx of guide activity is significant, are you connecting with your guide? Who is guiding you at the moment? 

The three cards on the photo post on face book represents three symbols:

Card 1 A feather

If you chose the feather then your guide is communicating with you using nature, a white feather is a well known symbol of guide activity but different coloured feathers have different meanings. Pay attention to what is happening in the skies above you, the flocks of birds, the cloud and beams of sunlight breaking through the gloomy grey winter sky. You are not alone is your message, find the signs and give thanks. 

Card 2 A circle

A circle symbol has many meanings but in choosing card 2 your guides are showing you that you are repeating a behavior pattern. This cycle will continue until you decide to break the pattern. If you see many circle symbols in signs, adverts or in nature such as rocks or toadstools then you need to connect with your guide and gain some insight into how to change your current cycle and move forward.  



Card 3 A Tornado shape of white light. 

If you chose card three it is likely that you have a good intuition and that you are reading the signs your guides are sending you. You may be curious about who they are and if so then connection should  be quite easy for you. In choosing card three you may not be having a smooth ride at the moment but you will be aware of the indicators of which path would be best for you which are being given to you by the other realm. 

If you would like one of the new Guide Readings which I am now offering please book now and contact me to schedule the time. Guides are there to help you and if you can connect you will be filled with the warmth and love which they have for you.