The Grand Cross Full Moon 5th January 2015 January 05 2015

The Full Moon in Cancer, tonight!

Tonight’s full moon is known as the Grand Cross Full Moon and its energy is fully charged, this will make 2015 get off to a bang! Many of you will know the connection between human life and the celestial heavens and the relevance that we have to the Cosmos when we pass; if you hold this knowledge then you will know the significance of tonight’s moon.

This Moon has planets in all the Cardinal Zones: Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer this is the time of Major realization, Crisis points, change transformation and release. What does this mean for you? It is likely situations will arise which you will need to address, that things will come to a head and you will begin to let go and transform your life. If you are holding on to someone or an emotion which no longer serves you be prepared to let go!

This Moon is also conjuct to Sirius, a star which has figured in religions dating back centuries. This  will make connections with higher love and higher wisdom possible tonight.

Spell casting tonight is not for the feint hearted; if you are sure of your goal and you would like me to help you with a spell please message me.