Reveal of the Cards! December 27 2014

Here is the reveal of the three cards which were posted on face Book:


CARD 1 -Temperance.

You need to find your balance; perhaps you have been over eating or drinking or even resting too much but now it is time to revert back to everything in moderation! Stick a toe in the water before committing yourself, remember the old saying: “Try before you buy!” Also right at this time in your life or in your relationship you need to find the middle ground in order to reach your goals. Find self-control and willingness to compromise will inspire others but do also be aware f something seems too good to be true it probably is!


CARD 2 -The Magician

You may find that your unconscious desires begin to filter into your consciousness... This will give you inspiration. Knowledge holds the key to manifestation so look at your options where study and reading is concerned. Nobody knows everything but with a little extra help you could possibly bring your dreams into reality, how wonderful would that be?


CARD 3 - 2 OF Wands

The twos in Tarot represent doubling your strength and splitting your power. The 2 of wands encourages you to assert yourself more, find your own limitations. Be inventive. Take the bull by the horns and begin to own your life or the situation you are in.  This simple change in perspective will enable you to grow in personal power and open the doors which you currently think are closed to you.


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