The Influence of the Cold Moon November 29 2014

The ground is barren, cold. The trees have lost their leaves and the lush green, warmth of the summer has become a distant memory. But, we live in centrally heated homes, travel everywhere by car or bus and are kept warm at work by our employers, so does it really matter? Yet, only 100 years ago life was very different; the cold, grey skies and the lack of daylight had a profound effect on life, health and mental stability. People centuries ago used the Autumn months to prepare both their homes and themselves against the onslaught of Winter. No anti-biotic to fight the seasonal infections and only natural remedies even for the seriously ill. Winter was taken seriously. Many people living in rural locations would have to walk miles to get provisions such as milk and wheat if the winter store ran low or your livestock were not taken care of.

This is the time when the local witch was at her busiest. Of course her preparations would have begun in the summer months, drying the herbs and preparing potions for chilblains and other cold related afflictions. People seem to have been hardier than we are today but perhaps better prepared would be a more apt description. In those times the modern Winter depression was non -existent, Winter had a purpose and was endured by the people as it was endured by the land. Being in turn with the Earth, the seasons and the phases of the moon was simply part of life in the 1600’s. The witch or wise woman was the answer to many ailments and her preparation for winter saved many lives.

Today many people forget the need to prepare their homes and bodies for Winter. Stocking up on vitamins and eating plenty of hearty foods not only comforts but also protects. Having sufficient fuel stored through the summer would aid you financially and also walking out in the cold actually boosts your immune system, so try wrapping up and heading out for twenty minutes activity a day without your car and keep yourself healthy!

The main lesson which you should to learn from the past is that even if you have no interest in the Earth, the seasons and the moon phases you cannot avoid feeling the effects of them on your body, your mental state and your home.

The Cold moon this year is 6th December and this moon will herald a phase of release. If you use the energy of the moon through its phases through Waxing, and Waning until the next Full moon on January 5th 2015 you will be preparing yourself to beat the winter blues which threaten everyone when the sky is grey and the dark nights are so very long.