Super Moon in August August 06 2014

The August Super Moon is here on Monday!

August has the second Super Moon of the summer and the energy from this will resound around you and your life for a few days before and at least a day afterwards. How will you use this extra special power? Will you create and be positive, feeding from the moon’s glory and basking in the glow that this event gives you? Or will you simply carry on as usual and wonder why things are becoming out of control, disruptive and your own vibration is all over the place? Harness the power of the moon throughout this weekend, walk in the moonlight, meditate in its rays and use the energy to awaken and empower yourself, any crystals that you have and your inner abilities to create.

Any spells which you cast at this time will have hidden power and whilst you are casting you need to be wary that your thoughts are only on the goal which you desire and not on anything which may prevent you from having these things or obstacles which may stand in your way.

Use this amazing weekend wisely and cast well!