FREE READING 5th May 2016 May 05 2016

Relax, close your eyes then when you open them choose a card; 1, 2, or 3, and add your choice to the post. Click link and read your special message.


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Card 1

Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is wanting to be part of your life. This person will be an emotional drain and should be avoided however nice they seem. You may be feeling a little sensitive at the moment, if you are try treating yourself to something that you will enjoy, this will lift your spirits. Clear your life of negative people and your keep thoughts light and positive, see how things change for the better.

Card 2

Positive steps forward are being taken, even if these steps are tiny ones things are moving forward again. You should feel confident and more positive about yourself and the future. Begin to believe in yourself, if you do not no one else will so make a conscious decision to change right away. Friendships will be stronger.


Card 3

What is most important a happy family or feeling secure financially? Most people strive for both as they see them as linked together, but often the happiest people are those without so much but who have the time to enjoy being a wife or husband or a parent. Look at what matters to you and see if you have your priorities straight, once you have you will see opportunity all around you.